About Us

Network Resource clients range across industries but share a common goal: to focus on their core business, with technology working seamlessly in the background. Network Resource enables that goal through an outsourced IT department that combines business and technology expertise, 24x7 availability, and relentless customer service. And we do it so well that since we started 1998, we've maintained a consistent client retention rate of 97%.

We add value to clients by sitting on their side of the table, and by helping them make intelligent business technology decisions. We never try to sell them on specific hardware, software, or technology solutions. Instead, our team of technology experts focuses on helping clients meet their business goals. We understand that technology is a merely a means to that end.

Ultimately, we believe that helping our clients succeed in their businesses - not just providing technology solutions - is our path to success. Today, Network Resource is the fastest growing IT services company in our market, with over 100 small and medium-sized business customers. Chances are, we work with someone you know.

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