Network Relocation

Network Resource can facilitate your move in a timely and cost efficient way. We manage all facets of the relocation of your computer equipment and telecommunication circuits. This ensures a smooth transition of your network to your new location.

To ensure successful relocation, we appoint an Account Manager, Lead Relocation Engineer and a Secondary Relocation Engineer. A site assessment will be conducted of your existing and new locations. Based on this assessment, an Action Item List will be created by Network Resource detailing each step of the move. Once dates have been finalized, your lead engineer will arrive at your site to backup your network, down the network, box equipment, load truck, reinstall equipment, test, and be on-site to provide support when the site goes live.

The Five Steps to a Successful Relocation:


Your lead engineer meets with your organization to analyze the current system to determine your needs, and visit the new site.

The lead engineer will create a detailed plan and timeline of what needs to be done when and by whom. We can coordinate the purchase or relocation of your telephone system, coordinate the voice and data wiring of your new space, including the selection and ordering of all telephone and Internet services. We will create a detailed time and cost budget for all work. With a solid plan, you will have a clear sense that everything is structured and that any difficulties will be addressed. If included, our scope of work can encompass supervising the telephone companies, telephone system installers and cabling contractors to ensure that everything is installed according to plan.

Our staff of technicians will monitor the move by making sure equipment is properly staged, packed, labeled, moved and reinstalled properly.

All network equipment will be set up and tested by certified Network Resource technicians to ensure all systems are configured and working properly before your first day of operation. If a significant problem develops we will come up with an alternate plan to ensure that you are functional.

Going Live
Your lead engineer will remain on site for as long as necessary to ensure a smooth transition and to quickly resolve any problems that may arise after the move.

We have moved a myriad of companies and have never been the cause of a move delay. In certain instances we have worked around the clock, but come the first day of business, our client’s networks are functioning smoothly and without incident.


  • This frees up your company’s staff –moving arrangements made by Network Resource
  • Network Resource engineers are trained and certified to work with your equipment 
  • Network Resource can provide a fixed cost estimate for the move 
  • Network Resource ensures the protection and integrity of your data by completely backing up your network prior to the moving a single piece of equipment 
  • Network Resource fully documents and diagrams your network as a reference and starting point for future maintenance

Why relocate with Network Resource?

Our objective is to provide your employees with a productive working environment following the office move. Using Network Resource rather than a moving company or existing employees ensures a smooth transition between the two locations. This guarantees the proper dismantling, safe handling and installation of your computer equipment from existing to new location.

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