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Advisory Consulting

Network Resource advises organizations on how to optimize the efficiency of their network. Given the complexity of networking technologies today, this helps clients to determine what can enhance efficiency of their organization, and what may be superfluous to their needs.

This involves focusing on the company as a whole, or a department within the company. In the initial phase, we identify, with the client, the existing philosophy and guidelines that may exist for information management and the software and hardware used to manage this information. We evaluate how information is generated, distributed, updated, consumed, and archived. We identify goals for optimizing the management of information and offer specific suggestions to create more comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective methods. We work with the customer to establish or improve a philosophy of information management. We offer assistance in establishing standards that will guide the more specific implementation of information management solutions. Ultimately, we recommend specific networking and Internet solutions and identify their potential value to the organization.

The advances in Information Technology offer the users of that technology a plethora of options to increase their productivity. Our consultants can help expose those options to your organization and implement them in a timely, secure, and affordable manner.

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