Network Services

Network Resource offers a complete portfolio of expertise in the field of information technology. Network Resource consultants are both accomplished IT systems designers and experienced systems administrators. With this background knowledge and experience they possess a blend of skills lending both to big picture planning of process and procedure as well as real world systems implementation and management.

Network Resource specializes in several server and workstation platforms. These include Windows, Redhat Enterprise and Macintosh servers, and a variety of accompanying applications. Our specialization in these operating systems helps our customers to refine their competitive edge by providing the highest level of application and connectivity solutions available. We maintain no exclusive vendor relationships but instead remain aware of the product offerings from all major vendors to then determine which combination of offerings best suite our customer's needs.

We emphasize the hiring of experienced staff, extensive ongoing training, high staff utilization and immediate, productive deployment of available personnel on client projects. We believe that our company's cost structure and experienced staff allows us to deliver service at a lower cost with quality equivalent to or superior to other larger firms in the industry.

At Network Resource, we're comfortable with just about any technology platform you're running. Our engineers have experience and certifications across a broad range of technology, including Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, Linux and Macintosh. With over two hundred clients ranging from venture capital firms and legal services, to non-profit and construction, we're capable of supporting most industry-specific software and systems, including:

Microsoft Support Services


  • Existing server analysis and capacity planning
  • Data migrations from legacy Exchange systems and third party mail servers
  • New deployments and installations
  • Email redundancy and high availability solution design
  • Administration and optimization
  • Secure remote email access


  • Server analysis and capacity planning
  • Data migrations from legacy SQL systems and third party database servers
  • New deployments and installations
  • Database redundancy and clustered solutions
  • Administration, data security and recovery, and SQL optimization


  • Needs analysis and solution design
  • New deployments and installations
  • Administration and optimization


  • Existing server analysis
  • Server migrations from legacy IIS systems and third party web servers
  • New deployments and installations
  • Web services redundancy, web clustering, and load balancing
  • Administration and optimization
  • Site security and server hardening

Terminal Services

  • Existing server analysis and capacity planning
  • Secure remote access
  • New deployments and installations
  • Terminal Services redundancy and high availability solution design
  • Administration and optimization
  • Server migrations from legacy terminal services systems other remote access methods

Apple Support Services

MacOS X Server

  • Existing server analysis
  • New Xserve deployment and installation
  • Cross Platform (Mac/Windows/Linux) Scenarios
  • Open Directory deployment and management
  • Support for the full suite of services provide MacOS X Server
  • Deployment of Open Source tools including custom compiled, Fink and DarwinPorts
  • System Imaging server deployment
  • Web services deployment and support
  • Centralized Macintosh workstation management via ARD, Software Update Server, and more.

MacOS X On the Workstation

  • Anti-virus solutions
  • Smooth cross platform solutions for Mac users on Windows and Linux networks
  • Support for software developers using Xcode. Xgrid, and standard Unix tools.
  • Application performance profiling
  • Centralized management through Apple Remote Desktop, Software Update Server and more

Storage & Backup

  • Xserve RAID stand-alone and SAN deployment and installation
  • Storage performance tuning and profiling
  • Data storage planning and migrations
  • Cross platform and native backup solutions

Cisco Certified Services


  • Site assessment
  • Configuration and installation
  • Remote management and administration
  • Security

VPN Concentrator

  • Needs analysis and capacity planning
  • Installation and configuration
  • Remote management and administration

VPN Security PIX Firewall

  • Site assessment and capacity planning
  • Configuration and installation of new equipment
  • Migrations from third party appliances and software
  • Remote management and administration
  • Site security assessments back to top

Mobile Business Solutions


  • Needs analysis and capacity planning
  • Support and deployment of Blackberry Enterprise Server 3.x and 4.x
  • New installations or support for existing systems
  • Handheld support


  • Needs analysis and capacity planning
  • Support and deployment of Goodlink 3.x and 4.x
  • New installations and support for existing systems
  • Handheld device support

Microsoft Mobile

  • Need analysis and capacity planning
  • Server support and configuration
  • New installations and support for existing installs
  • Mobile device support
  • back to top

Network Infrastructure


  • Bandwidth analysis and traffic optimization
  • Support for existing infrastructure
  • New deployments
  • SNMP management and PoE configurations


  • Site assessment
  • Configuration and installation
  • Remote management and administration
  • Security

UPS & Power

  • Site assessment and runtime analysis
  • Configuration and installation
  • Remote management and administration
  • High availability solutions


  • Site assessment and security analysis
  • Configuration and installation
  • Support for existing equipment and new installations
  • Remote management and administration

Linux and Unix

Network Resource brings the same proven approach to our support of open source solutions as we do to our support of proprietary systems such as Windows. By understanding your objectives, we will align our technical solutions to meet your business goals. Our team of consultants and engineers are experienced in all aspects of IT management practices. This experience and expertise ensures that your open source project and support needs are handled in a way that exceeds your expectations.



  • Security Audits
  • Configuration and installation
  • Backup / Disaster Recovery Assessments
  • Security Response and Forensic Analysis

Consulting Services

  • Business Needs Analysis
  • Solution Design
  • Project Management and Implementation
  • Capacity and Change Management
  • Documentation and Maintenance

Infrastructure Deployment Scenarios

  • Web and Database Clusters
  • Storage Solutions
  • Network Security and Server Hardening
  • LDAP and Directory Services Integration
  • Cross Platform Integration with Windows and MacOS X Systems
  • Turnkey Network Deployment
  • High Availability and Fault Tolerance

Support Scenarios

  • Remote Support and Administration
  • Server and Network Monitoring
  • Co-located Equipment
  • Customer Datacenters
  • Managed Hosting Administration
  • Satellite Offices
  • User Support for Linux Desktop
  • Platform Expertise for Internal IT Departments
  • Platform Support for Developers
  • Academic, Engineering, Software Development, Biotech and Medical Environments

Supported Technologies Supported Systems
Unix Solutions
MacOS X 

Linux Solutions
Red Hat Enterprise
Novell / SuSE
Mandriva / Mandrake

Ruby On Rails

Database Systems 

Clam Antivirus

File Services

Directory Services

Print Services

Common open source services associated with these systems are also supported

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