Our Values

Network Resources strategic and operational decisions are guided by the following absolute and equally important beliefs, principles and values:


As one of the Bay Area's foremost network integrators, we are committed to our customers and their interests. We strive to anticipate their changing needs by developing new services and solutions to meet those needs. If we respect our clients and serve them well, our own success will follow.


The communities in which we operate will benefit from our active corporate and personal citizenship.


We stress creativity, innovation and imagination in everything we do. For each unique client situation, we strive to find a unique solution.


We conduct ourselves with integrity at all times, putting the interests of our clients, our profession and our company ahead of our own personal career interests. We maintain high ethical standards in all that we do, both in our work for the company and in our personal lives.


We actively promote lifelong learning for our employees.


We control our own destiny by perpetuating the independent ownership of Network Resource.


We seek to recruit, develop and retain the very best people. We treat all our employees fairly and with respect. We actively encourage diversity and offer advancement based solely on ability, performance, and contribution to Network Resource


Profits are the key measure of how well we follow our beliefs and execute our strategy.


We have an uncompromising dedication to quality and excellence in everything we undertake.


We actively preserve and enhance our reputation and history of success.


Our decisions, actions and follow through reflect a dynamic sense of urgency.


We stress teamwork in everything we do.

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