NR Remote Plan

The NR REMOTE Plan is a comprehensive suite of remote managed service tools aimed at providing rock solid protection from the most common causes of network interruption and disruption. By utilizing enterprise-class software tools, and leveraging them to meet the needs of a large number of businesses, we are able to offer an outstanding solution for a cost-effective, flat fee. Ultimately, the goal of the NR REMOTE Plan is to maximize employee productivity via maximum network uptime, to minimize business risks from IT, and to effectively manage IT support costs. The NR REMOTE Plan suite includes:

  • Desktop/Laptop and Server Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Managed E-mail Filtering
  • Backup Monitoring
  • Managed Anti-Spyware & Anti-Virus protection
  • Patch Management

What Do You Receive?

NR REMOTE Plan - Desktop/Laptop and Server Monitoring 


Network Resource's desktop/laptop monitoring tools allow us more insight than ever before and gives us the ability to quickly and efficiently identify issues and resolve them with limited downtime or disruption to the end user. These tools provide us with proactive insight into your systems and alerts our Network Operation Center when there are critical issues that are about to cause harm. When reacting to issues these tools provide a quick diagnosis with limited involvement by the end user. In addition to the proactive and reactive qualities, our monitoring tools also allow us to generate detailed reporting that can show the health and status of the devices on your system at any given point in time. This provides solid information to work off of when it comes time to make decisions regarding purchasing or overall budgeting.

Network Monitoring

Network Resource’s network monitoring is focused on analyzing the uptime, status, and availability of your core network services on a 24x7 basis. Internet connectivity, firewall and router access, server uptime, and service availability are all tied to this monitoring system that will send an alert to our team as soon as certain thresholds are hit or timelines are missed. In the event of an alert, our monitoring system will point us directly to where the issue originated from - meaning a quicker time to resolution and less downtime. 

NR REMOTE Plan - Backup Monitoring

As security threats to corporate data become more prevalent, it's essential for every business to know if their backups are being run properly. Network Resource Backup Monitoring gives you that peace of mind by utilizing a compressive set of remote monitoring tools to verify the success or failure of your backups. Managed from our secure Network Operations Center, we receive daily reports on all backup successes, cancellations, and failures. When intervention is required we act immediately, usually resolving the issue remotely without the need for an onsite visit.

NR REMOTE Plan - Managed Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus

You have many software choices for combating spyware and viruses, but you want the solution that provides the most protection at the highest value. Network Resource Managed Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus offers you this service by combining award-winning, industry leading software tools combined with our proactive, real time remote management and support model. We'll install software on your local machine, and then manage it remotely from our Network Operations Center, ensuring that your definitions are updated in real time and your desktops and servers are continuously protected. The result? Network Resource Managed Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus will reduce or eliminate lost user productivity, network vulnerabilities, and reactive maintenance costs.

NR REMOTE Plan - Patch Management 

With NR REMOTE Plan you'll never have to worry again about missing a critical system update or patch. From our Network Operations Center we will determine which patches are appropriate for your systems, ensure that all patches are installed properly, test your systems after installation, and document all associated procedures. Network Resource Patch Management ensures total coverage for your most important systems and devices

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